Do You Wear Suspenders?

Do You Wear Suspender? Sounds a weird title for a book kan? Well this is the 3rd book of Lydia Teh that I just bought..after Honk!, and Life's Like That. But this time, instead of depicting Malaysians' daily banal life, DYWS tells anecdotes of Miss Eh Poh Nim aka Miss 'Popinjay', a talkative, yet quite annoying lady who is an afficionado of eponym, words and the stories behind the scenes. Undeniably, she's a wordsmith that knows a lot of phrases, hyperboles,or wordy words, and even the history of how a certain word is derived.

Big Bertha, bibliobibuli, popinjay, kibitz, and much more words that she brags all over. My cousin read it and went "ARRgghh, she's annoying..!!! I'LL RIP THIS BOOK TO PIECES..!!!"
"Oii oi NO!"
Well, pretty much! no doubt! This book teaches us to BRAG about use it in essays...? Not quite recommended! some lecturers might be annoyed, or worst can't even get what you're trying to convey

To wrap,interesting...a fun way to install new wordy words in us.try read yourself arr.

...apesal aku confuse hah?

Last Thursday at 530pm, my phone rang as i was facebooking.
" Amri ye?Kami dari upu...En.Amri dipanggil untuk interview ijazah sardana muda pendidikan"
I went
".....(5secs later)..medsi ke ni?"
she said
"ha'a...interview encik esok pagi ye..pukul 9"
n so"HA!!?tp saya x dpt medsi lah"
she replied
"eh name encik ade dalam list ni! encik punye interview esok"
I pun
"HAah!!? tp saye kt Penang ni!"
she went
"kt penang?...(sokseksoksek with her friend)..mcm ni la encik.nnti kmi telefon balik kay?"

...and the conversation ended. I was speechless..a bit confused..and curious(maybe?).was that a prank from someone I know? b'coz it was a good one.
...but on second was an office number,and she sounded dead serious.
so i kept on waiting...until Maghrib!-__-' ok...something's not rght here..


Lcky me a new facebook post cme was Kei's~ saying something that he got an interview!. savior kei! we chat after and the nxt thng i realizd ws im calling Mr.Shah,our crse tutor for details.

"I'd put you in the list. u'll be intrviwd for medsi.Whre r u now?"
" home,Penang..?"
"ic, actually we can arrnge so tht ur intrvw wllb cndcted USM..but I suggest you to cme hre bcoz u'll b intrvwd by ur own lctrer"

flabbergasted, I ddnt expect tht ill still b going to Uitm ShahAlam...I thght tht I'd cme bck thng i know...i was on the bus to Shahalam at 12am,couldnt sleep as it was too cold n i forgot my sweater...n thnk God I arrved at 5 in the morning~heading to the fac,passing the sleeping guards...and fell into a nce sleep after my Subuh prayer.


washed dressed with my 'barakah' attire (coz I wore the same for my Asasi TESL interview)n met my same-fated frenz~ Kei,Boni,Watip and Azim. I even got some tips from Hasrul.kind of him to drop by and say bye! While we wre waiting for the turns, along with other 'oldies' that aplly for the medsi ntrvw..who r having mixed emotions and confident exprssions, Mdm Izyani greeted us, and said this,"Amri,ur the last person ok?"..I replied "ok, i dont mind.."
~~~~~!!!!!....scores of eyes gve us their stare!! and thy strted to whsper each other n strtd ..sok sek sok sek~ing!---not to brag,but if u get the drift,ull smile


anywy my interviewers were Dr.Hanim,Mdm Izyani and another Chinese lecture I cldnt recall her name. I thnk all went well..until they asked me to speak in BMelayu!~My 'baku' slang was weird.I opend my mouth so wde for evry sntcnce tht Mdm Izyani made gave me a weird look wth one of her eyebrws raised!-hopefully ill be consdred..

went back at 430pm..wth still confusing thgts in my head...i finally slept..but the day wasnt over yet...i'd to go to a barbque party at my uncle's...and after the 'REAL' meal, arrved at my humble abode...with relatives around...I finally realized...

....that i havnt had my bath that day(even b4 the ntrvw....)

wht a confusing day..

Great God,
Life IS unexpected


Malaysian movies and drama aren't going nowhere. They follow this cycle- love, jealousy,status,datuk and datin,company or holdings,corruption and threats, and the most desperate answer to the clueless directors who didn't know how to end the series,murder...etc crap. I seriously doubt that the directors out there have what is needed to be 1-creativity. Like everytime when there is a new series, the first laughable guess our whole famliy would always made is-"Confirm ade datuk datin..or even company-company!!".lol. Some even mime other popular series' the admirable 'yo soy betty la fea'...they assume that people with bugeye-big spectacles, dental brace, and pigtails look obviusly ugly-which they did,two series copy this idea and guess what do foreigners think after watching them?~copycat~

The 2nd one is girls' 'gedikness'! puke~~It seems like Malaysian directors are trying to display that most girls in this Islamic country, are mischievously 'gedik'! Puteri, Kisah Kaisara and Comel are examples(I DONT WATCH!) .and I mean its hard to watch 1 that displays a shy and mature girl with scarf having a normal student life(without, in the end being rape lah). The girls shown always hang out at night, wearing sexy biatch-y attire, talking out dead loud as if they're Raven, gossiping exaggeratedly and even 'dancing' at any nightclub(which is VERY my 8year old girlcousin said-"Deme nari ape camtu?takat goyang2 sikit baik tak payah.I can do better lah!"). Boys? lets just say from these directors' view we like to fight for girls, flirt shamelessly and making stupidiot funny immature jokes..and oh did i mention we fight for girls?

3rd weakness-Stupid jokes! who couldnt agree more on this? it's a dead fact. Lets try to compare the funny movies these days...and P.Ramlee's movies...obvious? laugh yourself and think. I mean I didnt think a bit when i was laughing watching P.Ramlee's movies...but these days? I've to think whether i suppose to laugh or not...
Which one is better?- the deaf indian girl Kamala in 'Puteri' series confusing audiences of what she's heard"oo..sudah tukar ka?", or "BODOH! BAGHAL! UNTA! KELABU ASAP!!" by P.Ramlee?

CGI...? getting better...but not there yet to be complimented...but stunts?a lot more needed

There are more in my head but lets just keep em for a while...Maybe this post seems a bit 'over'...sorry but I couldnt hold myself from laughing out loud after watching some Malay dramas these days, and only spotted weakness instead of attraction. So lets wrap things up a bit here. say it out loud with me- I WANT CHANGES IN MALAY MOVIES AND DRAMAS!!! AND I LOVE P.RAMLEE'S!!!!


God Knows...
I didnt get the Medsi interview..but I'm glad
glad that most of my friends get theirs...
glad i met all...
glad i met him and her
glad i had good and bad times together with them...
glad we had some chats...
it was a destiny meant for me to know them
and to grow

somehow i didnt feel bad...
maybe God knows...that i want to be someone new, rather than a stuck in a teaching related profession family.God knows my capabilities in doing things,what i'm good at.i want to learn new things rather than a language.And when i heard of what my schoolmate friends are doing for the time being, doing what they've aim b4.I feel good!I feel that I can keep up...or maybe even soar better.

to the people who feel sorry..
im 2 good to gve up tht ez!>o<

Anis mentag daku


> 4 names that friends call you :

> 4 most important dates in your life :
15th Oct of birtdday
7th Sept Queen's
10 June...not tellin
24th Jan...still not tellin

> 4 things you've done in the last 30 minutes :
...timbang bola..?
...feed the fishes

> 4 ways to be happy :
...listen to music of coz! (^o^)! (^^)! (>_<)
...chatting! >=)

> 4 gifts you would like to receive :
...a Lambo Gallardo.haha adidas soccer ball AXUS laptop that cost rm9999 tunai~ ol LED watch

> 4 of your favourite hobbies :!

> 4 places you want to go for vacation :
Mount Everest
Niagra Falls

> 4 things always found in your bag :
some chocolate wrappers
small notebook
broken pens

> Top 4 you love so much :

> Top 4 things 'special' for you :
my laptop kot
my balls(...dont think dirty here...i mean soccer balls.i got many-__-')
my jubah for Aspian
my hot wheels collection can ah?

> Top 4 who you would like to answer this survey :

thnks 4 readin!^^

Selamat Pengantin Baru^o^

A cousin of mine just got married...congrates.omedeto!the moment I stepped into the hall, i saw her with her hubby… both look elegantly fabulous. The joyful guests, the laughing family members, the double storey cake, the beautiful orange pelamin, cute girls serving the goody bags, flashing cameras and the buzy pakcik cendol…

Seems like a banal kenduri kahwin…but what made this 1 different? I pondered

A moment of silence-and then I smiled…as silent thoughts came out of my mind;

well she’s the first among my cousins who tied her knot. She has moved herself up to the next level of life, and I’m looking forward to it…AND NOPE!! I’m not writing to show how happy I was as she just got married…and of course,NOT because I ‘m angau or something……well maybe portion was of course-the marriage; when,where, how and WHO!?...that’s it nothing more!…But on second glance, I couldn’t help myself from seeing myself in my future foot. My career? My abode? My finance? My car? My performance? My awareness? My mom? My friends? My attire? My height? My look? Have I grown? Have I matured? Have I prepared? To face the future and the challenges?

Many would assume that I depend a lot on others, or worse, undependable. Maybe. but I’ll prove them wrong. But for now…let’s just say- I’m scared + excited + anxious +dared. ARE YOU?

Blink by blink, I’m already 18…and still counting

Great God

Give me chances