Fast AlMubarak

Chaotic punye tempat
Nafsunafsi kiri kanan.owhbebeh~~
Colorful sangat, especially air2 buah
Biru, blue, pink, merah, yellow2 mak ai ey halal ke ni-__-'
Macam muntah pun ade.Barf ais 3 rm2.nak?

But the food galore can't be denied ah
Some I've just tried lately like Akok2...Otak2 aa..that bulat2 kuih aa..hesh dunno the name
Before this i thought otak2 was some kinda brain-made food meh~manala tau
The kuih2 are tempting as well
tapi aku rase sedikit buffering when i see..



notice the difference?
takde.yeap adik2..none.
Nak senyum pun ade,
nak find a calculator x logik a pulak i'm a TESL student ma, I don't do math OwO'
Kan laju je we'll be rushing when we see..


kan lebey comel?hee


Sometimes I wonder
What's the meaning of fasting if we break it like hellotsafoodIcannotfinishah wth~?
Well nafsu punye pasal kan. Simple answer, but not rational enough ar
In 1 go a friend of mine could even spend rm13~standard katenye.wau sangat~

But actually it's not Wrong to eat what we desire tu...just at times we have to spend some times pondering ar
Uolz ingat tak korang puasa sebab ape..?
Uolz ingat tak those unfortunate ones makan camne..?

Uolz ingat tak your parents makan ape..?
Uolz ingat tak Siapa yang bagi makan..?

In the end, buncit dapat.
Imam lepas sujud bangun, kite nanges tetonggeng takle bgerak.malu x? Imam spank your arse kang~
Last2 burn itu tarawikh~deng rugi a

rainbow paddlepop pon kalah ^^'

3rd Update


It has been a while since my last entry ye
Couldn't sleep. so why not?I'm typing diz and I swear I'll read diz again in the future

1. 1st day of new sem I was late; tak pasal2 dikenakan menjadi class rep. ok should a latecomer be a classrep?bad omen i think -__-' ana shikit punya jauh tegedik2 come to class by bus529 coz ana stay at Seksyen 2 gile hensem, kena datang early to get the keys almost every moning~ wah cabaran nih.

2. SAF2010 was not that bad~ again I commited myself to the PingPong & Chess which I am a so-so player je like the previous year...but kerna ngade2 I went for the Badminton & Kayak tryout as well. Gaya ade. Raket kuning menyale, tp maen like my Grandma can do better baek aku sokong je our Badminton team...a.k.a. kuranglulus (eleh taknak pulak cakap kena kick)...But Kayak went cool, represented the fac for Double, went to semi-final, eksiden dengan fac laen, Balik tanpa beg putih. a.k.a. kalah ar. ~ow and I joined the aerobic team gak. Menari2~with only few minutes of practice few moments before the performance, tetibe unpected kaw2 dapat 3rd place.wah not bad tahun depan joget ag ah.jom2 join~ Muhyee yang macam grizzly tu pun some thought he was a TeddyBear Mascot~teeetttt!! salah teddybear xbuat wondergirls' nobody ye..

3. KESAT was arduous. The commands for marching pun shikit punya LAEN from my previous experiences punye marching, so I have to keep up & reformat kaplaotakawad ni. The PerKad practice was intense but bearable ag ar...ow not forgeting the horny cheer we have.grr naughty dow.

4. DRAMA class supersyok ar. Having Myra and Pajid as groupmates, we did miming sketch, using a present as a prop; depicting a story about April fool. It was simple yet cool and laudable for the lecturer woh; and later an MTV about 'How to Save a Life' by The Fray, emo+touchin+sweet+notenoughtimetopractice=bigclap ah.nanges*.And I also have to mention that we'll be performing another big drama at the end of the sem.

5. FRIENDS ...hmm...agak dtg ag shalam k.