Salam Aidilfitri..Ampun maap zahir & batin sgt2 for my mistakes...Happy Balik Kampung everyone..have a safe trip! Bring back some kuih raya k! more thing, dont get fat!

one more thing! Bring back all your fingers!

The Prettiest Ramadhan

For me, our Ramadan will be beautieous if we'll be able to..

1. Able to fast for the whole 30 days of Ramadan Al-Mubarak

2. ABLE TO PERFORM THE 5 PRAYERS DAILY! – COVER YOUR AURAT4 – and obeying every other Muslims’ rule (Allah S.W.T.s’ orders)

3. Able to give alms

4. Able to perform Tarawikh every night

5. Successfully finish reciting The Holy Quran in this month (khatham the 30 chapters)

6. Able to put your BEST EFFORTS to avoid yourselves from seeing the maksiats

7. Able to spend a time thinking about the unfortunate people who can't afford to eat as lavish as we do, especially before we break our fast.

8. Able to bare yourselves from spending too much.

9. Able to control yourselves from all the foolish banter, dirty talks, gossip or whatsoever.

10. ..And the most simple, yet arduous one.. is to cry ..because of Allah, because of Islam..

For those who manage to do all of these..I can assure that a lot of people are envy of you….I salute you!
(especially the 10th oneT.T)

But for those who couldn’t do at least no. 2…go break your fast! You’re just wasting your days by fasting, and worst, you’re insulting Islam. GO EAT, AND DIE!!