waaa...bumbung rumaahhhh~~




aaa dengan pakcik makcik skali ye

selambee je usya2 pics kt atas.tau x tu ktne!!??


krikk..kriikk~~(bnyi cngkerik*)

YEE makcik yg kt blkng tu jwb betul!!! la KOREA!(bagi wink kt makcik*)
padahal xde sape pn jwb,hesh

ape iklan ni?

(lagu Somebody to love Justin Bieber lagu background~~*)


owh dan pencabarnya


P/s : flying kiss sebijik bagi kamo2 yg klik!! haa yg klik jgn ngade2 nk tangkap ye.bhahahaha(rase nk sepak x dgr statement ni?)-___-'

Angkat tangan!

  • Idris Hj. Bakri(mygrandpa) is it?...said you were robbed, and your ear was cut? ok then, we'll catch those burglars..we'll call you once we have anything new ok?WEYY YOP!! Don't change the channel!! Relax ar..half time you tukar arr~!!

  • ...what? Nurin Jazlin? Who's that? Kidnapped ah!?..oh found her body already ah? Ok then~ case solved we guess.if sum1 ask well just say were still investigating can what~?

  • Aminul Rasyid that 15 yearold kid? Idiot oh he wouldn't stop! That's why we shot the tyre to stop the car! ...Say what? The bullet went through his head? owh sorry...thought the tyre was the one driving~my aim sucks anyway

  • WHAT!?..Susilawati, you mean the vip!? We should go all out and solve this case!! Lets aim for top3 in the Interpol!!BANZAI~!!!!march3!*

yang adil, polis

you're so near to be with, yet so far to feel


Dany once asked me a q
I answered like I usually does to the others
He said "Bohong ah.....You're scared ryte?"

...strangely enough, I just couldn't say no

Dah.lepaskan. Here's the updates

  • Kuihraya was purrrfect
  • Duitraya
  • Mercunbanyaktakingat
  • Deng I couldn't make it to help TokWan kacau his dodol
  • I'm having the almost-exact baju raya like Azim's - da green 1.hee jgn mara aa
  • Owh & my haircut was out. rase nak pakai tudung je...elok ade tudung siti,tudung ekin, nah kau tudung Amri! ngeri

thetwingirls yg ilang tu text camni kt mak dia..gedik gak ar.c!r!+ planta aku try copy~

"sEl@m4t h4r! rAyerW, MaAp zahirba+in yErw"


Fast AlMubarak

Chaotic punye tempat
Nafsunafsi kiri kanan.owhbebeh~~
Colorful sangat, especially air2 buah
Biru, blue, pink, merah, yellow2 mak ai ey halal ke ni-__-'
Macam muntah pun ade.Barf ais 3 rm2.nak?

But the food galore can't be denied ah
Some I've just tried lately like Akok2...Otak2 aa..that bulat2 kuih aa..hesh dunno the name
Before this i thought otak2 was some kinda brain-made food meh~manala tau
The kuih2 are tempting as well
tapi aku rase sedikit buffering when i see..



notice the difference?
takde.yeap adik2..none.
Nak senyum pun ade,
nak find a calculator x logik a pulak i'm a TESL student ma, I don't do math OwO'
Kan laju je we'll be rushing when we see..


kan lebey comel?hee


Sometimes I wonder
What's the meaning of fasting if we break it like hellotsafoodIcannotfinishah wth~?
Well nafsu punye pasal kan. Simple answer, but not rational enough ar
In 1 go a friend of mine could even spend rm13~standard katenye.wau sangat~

But actually it's not Wrong to eat what we desire tu...just at times we have to spend some times pondering ar
Uolz ingat tak korang puasa sebab ape..?
Uolz ingat tak those unfortunate ones makan camne..?

Uolz ingat tak your parents makan ape..?
Uolz ingat tak Siapa yang bagi makan..?

In the end, buncit dapat.
Imam lepas sujud bangun, kite nanges tetonggeng takle bgerak.malu x? Imam spank your arse kang~
Last2 burn itu tarawikh~deng rugi a

rainbow paddlepop pon kalah ^^'

3rd Update


It has been a while since my last entry ye
Couldn't sleep. so why not?I'm typing diz and I swear I'll read diz again in the future

1. 1st day of new sem I was late; tak pasal2 dikenakan menjadi class rep. ok should a latecomer be a classrep?bad omen i think -__-' ana shikit punya jauh tegedik2 come to class by bus529 coz ana stay at Seksyen 2 gile hensem, kena datang early to get the keys almost every moning~ wah cabaran nih.

2. SAF2010 was not that bad~ again I commited myself to the PingPong & Chess which I am a so-so player je like the previous year...but kerna ngade2 I went for the Badminton & Kayak tryout as well. Gaya ade. Raket kuning menyale, tp maen like my Grandma can do better baek aku sokong je our Badminton team...a.k.a. kuranglulus (eleh taknak pulak cakap kena kick)...But Kayak went cool, represented the fac for Double, went to semi-final, eksiden dengan fac laen, Balik tanpa beg putih. a.k.a. kalah ar. ~ow and I joined the aerobic team gak. Menari2~with only few minutes of practice few moments before the performance, tetibe unpected kaw2 dapat 3rd place.wah not bad tahun depan joget ag ah.jom2 join~ Muhyee yang macam grizzly tu pun some thought he was a TeddyBear Mascot~teeetttt!! salah teddybear xbuat wondergirls' nobody ye..

3. KESAT was arduous. The commands for marching pun shikit punya LAEN from my previous experiences punye marching, so I have to keep up & reformat kaplaotakawad ni. The PerKad practice was intense but bearable ag ar...ow not forgeting the horny cheer we have.grr naughty dow.

4. DRAMA class supersyok ar. Having Myra and Pajid as groupmates, we did miming sketch, using a present as a prop; depicting a story about April fool. It was simple yet cool and laudable for the lecturer woh; and later an MTV about 'How to Save a Life' by The Fray, emo+touchin+sweet+notenoughtimetopractice=bigclap ah.nanges*.And I also have to mention that we'll be performing another big drama at the end of the sem.

5. FRIENDS ...hmm...agak dtg ag shalam k.



eh? there's a new kitty at my kampung? play2 with her jom~~

Since I watched a video cik Cuna was tagged in kat facebook dulu, about a lady wearing heels seghonot2 pijak kepale kitty ngan heels SAMPAIPECAHKEPALEwtf!..sedikit hatihati maen dgn diz 1~ burr



haha i was bitten..ek'eleehh taksakit!



p/s: sayangilah budak2 kecik ni

'Like' & Dislike

Honestly aku tak reti2 nak dapat hidayah 'Like' these & those groups yg support Moslems' progress or whatsoever tu?
Why's that?

mm...notsure, maybe ade ego yang has always been saying to myself, yang why only that bile ade significant event, or controversial issues je benda2 ni dapat sambutan...& after these events dah cooldown, these groups or profile pics akan di-ignored...Some are sincere and really care saya hormat ye. But kadang2 rase syegan gak, coz bile some of us sibuk liking diz and doz groups and changing their profile pics and all...[bagus ar. ni pun sebagai peringatan for oneanother] ade yang lg best menyibukkan themselves by pegi surau ke, buat qiamullail ke solat hajat, baca yassin dsb.[best lg kan] hesh macam aku rajin? no offense ye si pembace

Tabligh? No need to figure how many excuses I've given them when diorang ajak me to some events lumba2 dapatkan Hidayah kat masjid.
Ade feel guilty tak?

20% kot, coz their intention ni mau ingatkan kita tentang mcm2 ada...amalan la, death la, mau dekatkan diri to our Creator. Bagus. Saspect [salute+respect] thanx sgt share benda2 ni; But de remaining 80% adelah syaitonirrojim yang dislike the forceful tone, the sarcastic remarks yg pedih dan benar, de personal Qs yang agak sebok tentang our excuses & maybe the time they're taking bile dan2 tu la ketuk bilik bile kite mau gi dinner, not to mention some ayat prejudice yang diorang ingat kita supervillain jaat sgt.huh. saya agak jahat eh? times pikir2 maybe I'm a kind of lad yang perlu these peeps as 'initiator' je kot. I prefer doing things my way...tapi still perlu peringatan.camni mau dpt hidayah?lambat lg amri...

Yang still jahil xsedardiri, saya

Oh skip ye! bacebacela ni every solat fardhu kalau mampu.

Peluh vs Hingus

At times annoyed jugak when I see people being emo la...layu 1 badan buat mate kuyu ar...(even me myself do this at times & I seriously regret it). Plizla jangan. But personally I'd try to keep away from others for a while la when I demam. Kena berjangkit kat korang padan muke aku? mau 1 fac kna quarantine?hah. Bawak sabr ye & ha, time ni ar baru mau ingat Tuhan!? And some yang worse lg nk ngade2 pikir Islam tu mudah. Assuming having fever ni la excuse takpe tinggal semayang. ey enta/enti mau mampos? Patut everytime we wake up kena mau check every sense tau. syukur kalau cukup & sehat. Kalu dah rase tak best, demam ke ape ke...dibawahbawah ni la keje aku

  • Be strong & positive la kot de best answer for me. Ha elokla sgt. time2 ni la people should go for a jog & exercise tp janganla otai sangat mau jog at noon or go for 5-10 rounds kasik pengsan kepale. Kena buas ckit~ Macam it helps to cool our body tau afterwards. Kasik peluh our body this way is better than just laying lazily wearing a sweater on the floor sambil golek2 tunggu demam cool down. And FYI when we exercise, selsema pun can stop slowly tau. Coz we inhale more air and all de ijau mucus got flushed away easily. Best kan.ah tak kire best jgak!

  • Mandi? Lebih banyak drpada hari2 busuk time cuti ar..

  • Jus Udara aka Skyjuice tu telan banyak2 sampai buyut. mau coolkan & rinse our body system. Isotonic drinks tu best jugak, aka water & glucose yang added with vitamins and minerals la ambik kau iklan kjap, mau ganti mineral lost time exercise before. Ni fist bahan I look for even kalau ade tande2 mau demaman

  • Buah pun me likey. Source vitamins yang superb dan berair. Apparently I don't consume much of buah lately...even singgit je pon sebetik. Mau free taikidungmasinmanis sangat pow je at the nearby surau/masjid. hesh time ni la rajin pegi surau.

  • Batuk I've no idea. I don't know how to 'khak-puih!' da 'kahakun' like other people keep telling me to do. But I usually take Strepsils or Hacks. Kena bayar buat promotion ni.heh
Tp tu ar I'm not a clinic~hospital~PK(PusatKesikatan ye adik2) person. JANGAN CONTOHI.Nak kate malas? yep maybe that's one of the reasons, but yang penting its kinda sophisticated to get treated kat tempat2 camni. Situations?

1.okla..sifulansifulan need to go to this what-the-#eck-so-far building, has to go through all the blazes, & even ad probability mau pitam tetibe.wah over

2.Beliau perlu bg IC, or MedCard & eventually wait for da scores of numbers to be called. obvious meriah numbernye - '1024'...nmbr beliau? '1133' hah ngelupor nk tunggu?

3.Finally the turn came.tendang pintu!, masuk, then ngada2 report kat doctor yang bertauliah tp muke tak mesra senyuman ni all the nodded,usya2 sifulan's body tanpa niat2 gataljahat. check gave da prescription and we're done.(no offence most of the docs I met were like this, there are some good ones) dah NEXT!

4.Ya,akhirnya setelah menunggu for hours, finally sifulan got all de colorful medicines. huh? Paracetamol je? wthbbqsauce I can get this at Rahmat store ah!

5. btw I'm not very good in swallowing pills. I still think that a Panadol is to0 big to gobble up in 1 go. kerat 2 dulu baru bole masuk

Great God
Thanx for the air eh

Video uncensored.hadiah. Kredit tu Uncle PCK


Amri : We want to go this * house. Where ah?

Toksu : Oh rumah *~ You know the surau at the end of the corner...aa turn left,then right...few meters afterwards you'll find this BIG, WHITE HOUSE, A NICE ONE, WITH A SMALL FOUNTAIN AT THE LAWN, WITH AN ASTRO BEYOND'S KUALI ON TOP OF THE ROOF...; IT HAS THIS BIG DOOR, THERE ARE ALSO SOME BONSAI PLANTS NEAR THE ENTRANCE, AND THE OWNER OWNS A BMW AND A GRAND should be able to notice the house easily.....

Amri : mak oi(...burr so many wealthy description, Wow he must be superich having that kind of abode)

Toksu : .....haa..rumah dia SEBELAH rumah tu ^_^

Amri : HAISH! O-O' wtfbbqsauce!!!?

buat lawak pulak toksu ni...nasib baik lawak anda best


Ani : Nek~
Inoy : Nandu kami kah? [kenal kami tak?]
Toknek : Kada nandu..Ni supa?[ tak sape?]
Ani : Inoy..kekeke~
Inoy : Ani..hihi
Toknek : ..ha?
Amri : Aa..elokla tu kacau toknek. Nanti korang dah tue,nyanyuk, Sabri pulak kacau kome ye..haa.Bagitau awal2 ni.hehe
Apparently my mom & aunts like to tease my greatgrandma. Superfunny though
AniInoy : OoO' Wei2 don't la camni...kami saje jee..
Cast -
Toknek ~ my greatgrandma
Ani ~ my aunt
Inoy ~ my ma
Amri ~myself

saya suke mengumpat anda-__-'

A thing that really99x makes us in denial everytime we spread the words, or talk about it & LOL about it, but deep inside we hope that we wont be like that particular person or, vice versa; dont wanna hear or talk about it, but we laugh inside, saying "yuck", "serve you right", "ngek betul.." dan sebagainye. I mean seronok kan? It's undeniably fun laughing bout others' pnye bad behavior, or the way they are; x kesah la cara jalan ke...slang gedik ke...kuat emo ke...being selfish ke.So much la for Mr & Miss Perfect!?

Best & at the same time tak. Best are when we know what we haven't know...err..i dont really sure how to put this.Kadang2 umpatan tu can be a sort of an alert call kite aware of da real situation. It can also be a sort of coz as a reminder for us view their * as something that we should avoid a best excuse to ngumpat heh. Best jgak that we know, that we have friends, yg sudi share the stories...well in a bad way apparently, BUT, this shows that we can be trusted for them, or in simples word, we have side..or sides-___-'(theres always a backstabber duhh). Satu lagi, at times, traducing also shows that the traducer is being caring bout the one that he/she talks about.sweet kn? ah angguk je!

Tak best? Apparently those yang ngumpat depan aku bout the others, doesn't seem to see me, and that person as someone to respect! I mean I've been seeing that person in a positive way all these times, tetibe you came out of da blue rosakkan my perception bout em? & then another case is, mane tau..ntah2 dia a good friend of mine ke...a relative of mine ke...only u don't give a $#!t kan~? In worst case scenario bile both opposing sides trust us, ended up traducing one another, TO US! aisey...which facts & side pulak yg I should trust ni...? maen lepas je. Last2 aku yg ngumpat korang b2. Asyik berdose dengar korang je ngumpat...ha padan muke aku!-___-'eh?

Nak ajak aku masuk forum ngumpat korang? Frankly I've scores of adjectives in my head to describes anyone, but Im doing my best to control my talk. Ey korang nk ckp ape ckpla. I couldn't plug my ears with da earphones listening to songs all day long, & seriously lawak & interesting to hear kan?sampaikan LOLROTF gtu. amboih kome~tapi kalau aku lost my cool silap one cut my lines. I'll say almost everything.repeat. almost>:)kekeke~

Cheh.aku type mcm takde org sudi je nk ngumpat aku. anyway to wrap up, I think it's like makan durian. I dont mind for not having it...but if it is in front of me,silap ar~ ya simile yang a bit out of topic di situ..-__-'


Lampiran> topik ngumpat
-Posts on Facebook
-Person's mood at a certain time
-Person's action(s)at a certain time
-Person's personal taste
dan lain2 yang sama waktu dengannye
lu pikir la sindri

Renungrenungkan, dan, selamat mengumpat ingat2la dose ye.ditujukan for myself as well

Half an hour at Wad Psikiatri

2ndt time in my life pegi psikiatri...
Back in 1997 dulu my friends and I penah la jgak masuk skali once
no not coz our goofymental lah
coz my fren's ma worked there & we wanted her to send us somewhere.
ok kembali ke Siratulmustaqim

Most of the male patients are quite young, female plak on the other hand mostly quite old
Ade yang got herself tied to the bed, coz she always took off her clothes
Ade yang blurrrrrrrrr...
Ade yang talking to him/herself
And macam2 lagu they sang, but some words aren't comprehensible ar
tapi most of them can chew the fat ah.
sembang2~ luahan perasaan

~~~~~ : Saya ni family pn tak peduli dah..
~~~~~ : Ntah. Hari tu ambulan bawak saya sini.saya nak keluar kat pintu ni tapi kunci~
~~~~~ : Kenal MakTeh saya tak?
Hopefully ill stay sane


Kamceng, Sweet, Superstronghearted, Cool jgak
After my Abah passed away while i was still a 6 month foetus
Gile tough for her to stay strong, raising me all by herself for years.
Luckyla I wasn't as demanding & gedegedik as other children back then.
lol riak tibatiba.
Worked as a librarian kt Mahkamah Tinggi Ipoh dulu
Best, glamor abes at her workplace.
Sume kenal kami ber2, most probably diorang sympathize
myb coz my ma kecik jgak;

Then i asked her "Ma~ kenape hari sabtu ma tak cuti?"
She fulfilled my question by changing her profession
Garang...but during her teaching kat skolah...
...I couldnt help myself from giggling.

At times mase WWF was all the rage dulu
time The Rock glemer. We even wrestled kaw2.
She even taught me how to use the microwave when I was in standard 2
to heat the lauks she made. Agak seram tinggal sesorang
Coz before this takde kes culik2 ni~

When I left for my secondary school
She was all by herself kat rumah
Kesian risau danlainlain
She got married again dan ade teman sekarang di rumah.

Undescribable sangat in 1 post. I need the whole internet!!!more kot.RARHH~!


Take 5, literally

Excuse me all
Saya ade confession.
One of my favorite
Just go to
Key in 'Short film'
simple, senang, syok
touchin pn ade...
Depict the untold.

These are some of my favs. jemput tengok

Sports can portray friendship as well as rivalry

Fates & loves are around, only sometimes we need to be more vigilant

Jawab ar klau brani. We should have aims in our days

Good Luckylucky people

Only reminds me of these


owh yeah, & this song as well

This is 10% luck, 20% skills
15% concentrated power of will
5% pleasure, 50% percent pain
And a hundred % reason to remember the name!

jadi kawan2 mari kite try our best ye
selamat score

wop ni skor laen

ok back to study.FIREEE~!!!!

Justice, cuttings and clothes

Everytime i go to any mall
Passing through stores
Fill with fashion galore
"Wau kt kdai tu ade baju lawa!"
Nice design, color pn style
so I barged in

Notice her watching~giggling~ape usya2!?
Never mind, sambung watching myself in the mirror along with that shirt
Cutting perempuan rpenye
Glancing around at other shirts
Most of em belong to the other gender.

...aiseymen salah kedai, kna gelak dgn amoi tu
Quite geram-___-'


eventhough I rarely shop for my shirts, hoodies and all
Bukan nk brag tapi usually I would find a good one.susahsgt
Feels nine.mood bunga.
"Nice la baju u"
Thanks eh

Don't dodge, KICK!

watched a taekwondo tournament tadi
cool kot~
kick there, kick here
ouch...sounds not that cool

some control macho
some play innocent
some play happy go lucky faces
some brags and showing off skills
things change once you're in the square mat
it's just you and the other you, who you thinks you know but you don't

but in the end
they shake hands.laughing togther
wink one another
chill.make new friends, meet some cuties dan sebagainya
...nak amik Karate ah cam sifu guitar saya Zaim

Great God
People lie eh

This is a bus...a rapid one

Hi Pakcik Rapid

I've some questions ni..

Why do the T529 buses aren't as much as the abundant T603 & U80 buses?
Ok..I don't care much bout the kan..
The T603s are the only buses that go against the odd
Other people wait for the buses..
I wait for the T529 for an hour plus
Tapi T603 sumpah best
They're the one who wait for the passengers.
Cool ke confusing ni?
Or I'm indirectly suggesting you Rapid management to add up more T529 buses
By simply using some of the resting T603 buses?

Another Q
If some of the T529 passengers that want to aboard but they don't have that annoying TaG card
...why some of you couldn't just let them in
tak kisah la you nk pow them a ringgit ke..
I mean
They,we dan sekalian alam have been waiting long enough
U datang, they stepped into the bus
Tetibe, diorang yang innocent, know nothing bout da TaG system, couldn't aboard
Stepped out..makihamun
Be rational la bro..

I remember when I was heading back to Meranti kolej tercinta
Back then we were still using the old 'a ticket, a day ride' system
By U80 bus, at about 10pm
The driver stopped at a bus station, a woman carrying a handbag and a basket was waiting alone

BroU80 : Where are you going kak?
Makcik : Section 2, I'm waiting for a T602 ni..
BroU80 : Jom, I'll take you there
Makcik : Kak only have 'TEMPATAN' ticket ni ha..
BroU80 : It's need to pay. It's late already ni..come in come in.

Kan best

Another Q
Some passengers don't have small changes of cash
Passengers : It's ok we got a TaG card..The Rapids have the TaG machine right
RapidDrivers : Rosak mesin tu..gune cash

Opah mike!
Cabut je la mesin tu! semak je

Great God
Thanks for the cars. I'm lucky enough

Budak2 zaman sekarang ni...

Volunteered myself as a facilitator for the English Is Fun programme
Kinda an English clinic involving primary school children
Mule2 sangat ttttakoot
I mean seriously
I haven't got any experience in handling children before
in large groups especially

Afraid that I would lost control
or being zero-zero
both side tak tau nk cakap ape
or worst, bagai ayam & itik
2-2 bercakap, but 2-2 tak faham
Afraid that they'll be making fun of me
Almaklumlah budak2 these days
have their own language oo..

Not to say that I hate kids
Not to say that I despise their enthusiasm
But rather I feel different
Coz back then
I was a quiet boy, and still
Some distant relatives
"Tu anak arwah Lan tu"

But I think I did pretty cool ar
mm....not bad kot
Think I like em
Hope they like me

(:senyum terbalik:(

Speechless these days


everytime i sit for a test or exam

everything that i wrote was answers

not marks?-__-'

rotting eh?

teringat back in my primary & early secondary school

touchin i, people ask Qs, I gave answers.

l8er of course got myself motivated

to learn more, to share more

kepale suci.bercahaya.ilmu easy come,easy tests

now ilmu easy come easy go


senyum tu a must

eventhough geram

dont know who to blame

but myself

senyum lagi


kurang ikhlas!

ikhlas lagi la!






Filled with guilt sangat

Because why are you sitting there in the midst of hundreds of people?
get a grip old man
look old hag and legless guy
im really2 sorry that you're in a bad shape
skinny.stinks.wearing shredded 'rag' should i say?
people DO wanna help i tell you

but only those who work to gain their needs

tell u what
dont shake that metal cup of yours
it makes me sick
sick that i really want to help those who are unfortunate
and sick that you're not even working for it

since Im new here
& this is the 1st time i met you
tell me
should i?
or should i not help you?

You're old, i know
You might be innocent as well, I know
but because i also know
there are lot more others out there
who're having the same thought as mine

YaAmpun sedih pun tak.geramnye!!betul ke aku buat ni?

Great God
Will You Save them?