Lad, Girl and the Train

A girl was sitting in her sit in a train...
waiting for her journey to her humble beloved family and abode
A lad was in her next seat, he has a work to do in a place, 4 hours far
the story began when the lad asked "..where are you going?"
they smiled and talked...a lot and a lot

Both couldn't feel, couldn't realize
that people and the time past
as for them they were drove,
by a sensation they wouldn't want to admit, it was love

Girl had to jump down
she'd arrived at her hometown
Lad gave her a piece of paper
Lad said "It's my address, send me a letter"

"You're the one, who always cheer
Love you now, love you ever"

based on true story
written by the only legacy

Great god
Love them

Sink or Swim


All : OF COURSE LAH!! YEYyeeeehaaa……hhaaa…hhaaaa…


Like hell I care, im goin in as well.~rocketjump!

Its a pool in Seri Mahligai’s resident, where 12s D gathered, to have one of the most astonishing moments of their life, together with our beloved groupmates. The whole ten hours, from 10am till 8pm+ was a joy

Breakfast!~ Hasrul and I were the only survivors that walked from Meranti to Dr. Hanim’s abode. Najah-Myra-TAnisH-Athirah-Ain-Ina-Jati-and of course, the birthday gurl-Ira Syaqira Bt Sukimin aka the princess of the house dah mamam by then. Hasrul and I dug in without any mercy.NGAP NGEP!!! RRROOOOTI CANNAI!!

Snorkeling~Ira’s lil bro Irfan took us to the swimming pool nearby…cool~dive in everyone!

…. eyh how come I still couldn’t swim? SEDEEEYYY~~~ T.T

result? Tanned skin like hell of course...

Video streaming ~cool…americanmacha made some memorable videos for us to watch, and of course we watched the drama performance as well.

Cake makan time ~ Congrats to our Ira on her 19th birthday…we love the strawberry cake! mamamamaamamamam…when was the last time I had a cake for my birthday ah..?cedap

Eerie ghost story telling competition~ cooler than our previous story telling in the class obviously…n almost everyone told their stories…lucky I haven’t encountered one so far…but the best part was everyone’s – apparently the house itself is one of the story!

Badmintoning ~ Hasrul taught Ira’s bro some of his murtad moves in badminton…n it seems he proclaimed himself as a player known as Lim Kok Wing…(mcm pndai je lol)

UNO race~ why should I write this, ilost anywy..~ T.T

Gaydancing ritual ~ WHTS WRONG WTH DA GUYS!!? Even I couldn’t stop dancing..!! fun n gay n fun n gay n stupid..n stupid^^'

Picpicpic snapping!~ say nee~~

cya later beat up

Friends come and go. But the bond never ends. Everlasting memories stay

Great God...thanks. I love my friends

garangnye mata....!!!

Hectic weeks has just passed.
With, assignments, speeches, tests and the final drama
I went Charlie Gordon this week...
yup...a bit retarded
with -13 hours of sleep
im paying all my debts

Drama went cool!
I'll be missing all of my friends


Can Impossible Be Possible?

What are the two impossible things that you wish you could have?
since impossible is not so me, ill have to think out of the box, and a lil bit * to answer this tag then...

>i wish i have the ability to control the time flow
>i wish i have the ability to read people's thoughts.

Why do you want to have it?
What would you do if you really have it?

>time? lots. i can procrastinate like as late as i want.i can undo mistakes,kick those who i hate in freeze mode, say what i want that i couldnt...blablabla...just lots

>thoughts?dunno how to explain this...but if i know what people think bout me, ill be glad enough,i can muhasabah myself...or even better, to know who like me or vice versa^^

..bnyk lg impssble thngs tht i wnt...but lets zip em hre

Great God
thanks for what i am