This is a bus...a rapid one

Hi Pakcik Rapid

I've some questions ni..

Why do the T529 buses aren't as much as the abundant T603 & U80 buses?
Ok..I don't care much bout the kan..
The T603s are the only buses that go against the odd
Other people wait for the buses..
I wait for the T529 for an hour plus
Tapi T603 sumpah best
They're the one who wait for the passengers.
Cool ke confusing ni?
Or I'm indirectly suggesting you Rapid management to add up more T529 buses
By simply using some of the resting T603 buses?

Another Q
If some of the T529 passengers that want to aboard but they don't have that annoying TaG card
...why some of you couldn't just let them in
tak kisah la you nk pow them a ringgit ke..
I mean
They,we dan sekalian alam have been waiting long enough
U datang, they stepped into the bus
Tetibe, diorang yang innocent, know nothing bout da TaG system, couldn't aboard
Stepped out..makihamun
Be rational la bro..

I remember when I was heading back to Meranti kolej tercinta
Back then we were still using the old 'a ticket, a day ride' system
By U80 bus, at about 10pm
The driver stopped at a bus station, a woman carrying a handbag and a basket was waiting alone

BroU80 : Where are you going kak?
Makcik : Section 2, I'm waiting for a T602 ni..
BroU80 : Jom, I'll take you there
Makcik : Kak only have 'TEMPATAN' ticket ni ha..
BroU80 : It's need to pay. It's late already ni..come in come in.

Kan best

Another Q
Some passengers don't have small changes of cash
Passengers : It's ok we got a TaG card..The Rapids have the TaG machine right
RapidDrivers : Rosak mesin tu..gune cash

Opah mike!
Cabut je la mesin tu! semak je

Great God
Thanks for the cars. I'm lucky enough

Budak2 zaman sekarang ni...

Volunteered myself as a facilitator for the English Is Fun programme
Kinda an English clinic involving primary school children
Mule2 sangat ttttakoot
I mean seriously
I haven't got any experience in handling children before
in large groups especially

Afraid that I would lost control
or being zero-zero
both side tak tau nk cakap ape
or worst, bagai ayam & itik
2-2 bercakap, but 2-2 tak faham
Afraid that they'll be making fun of me
Almaklumlah budak2 these days
have their own language oo..

Not to say that I hate kids
Not to say that I despise their enthusiasm
But rather I feel different
Coz back then
I was a quiet boy, and still
Some distant relatives
"Tu anak arwah Lan tu"

But I think I did pretty cool ar
mm....not bad kot
Think I like em
Hope they like me

(:senyum terbalik:(

Speechless these days


everytime i sit for a test or exam

everything that i wrote was answers

not marks?-__-'

rotting eh?

teringat back in my primary & early secondary school

touchin i, people ask Qs, I gave answers.

l8er of course got myself motivated

to learn more, to share more

kepale suci.bercahaya.ilmu easy come,easy tests

now ilmu easy come easy go


senyum tu a must

eventhough geram

dont know who to blame

but myself

senyum lagi


kurang ikhlas!

ikhlas lagi la!






Filled with guilt sangat

Because why are you sitting there in the midst of hundreds of people?
get a grip old man
look old hag and legless guy
im really2 sorry that you're in a bad shape
skinny.stinks.wearing shredded 'rag' should i say?
people DO wanna help i tell you

but only those who work to gain their needs

tell u what
dont shake that metal cup of yours
it makes me sick
sick that i really want to help those who are unfortunate
and sick that you're not even working for it

since Im new here
& this is the 1st time i met you
tell me
should i?
or should i not help you?

You're old, i know
You might be innocent as well, I know
but because i also know
there are lot more others out there
who're having the same thought as mine

YaAmpun sedih pun tak.geramnye!!betul ke aku buat ni?

Great God
Will You Save them?