Mr Malam : I got a Lancer Evo in a month

Lad : woh! cool~

Mr Malam : I got a Swatch watch and an Adidas shirt in a week

Lad : nice~

Mr Malam : I got these only by sitting in front of my Macbook Pro lappy and go online every night

Lad : Just like that? cool~!

Mr Malam : You know how? I just invested RM500 to this guy, find some downlines, sell some goods of the company and got the profits! You can do it as well through me? Wanna join?

Lad : ...say again?

Mr Malam : It's called Multi Level Marketing...and you should..

Lad : Crap~ You've been schooled! HAhHAAHAahAAARGHAa~!!!! You think I'm a fool? not a single of those things could be your belonging. You could've just borrowed them from your friends. Superidiots! and you think I'm your friend, I would help you out? by being tricked by you!?get lost

1 Malaysia...& the youth's view?

1 Malaysia

Islam Hadhari

Wawasan 2020

is it just me? or the aforementioned concepts are just a mere IDENTITY?, a trademark, of each Minister..?

Not only countless money from the laity were used to construct new billboards, the new tags, the new every single thing...for what? A NEW CONCEPT!? A NEW PHRASE!? A NEW VISION!? A NEW SONG!?

...HELLLLOOOO..!!! The objectives of each leader are merely the same, to ensure the country that grows by leaps and bounds to loom closer towards the future, to have multiracial people that live in harmony, and to avoid chaos, that's all.

Get this, what do we get after each new PrimeMinister came up with his 'Idea'?

Here's a new idea; each ministry should have at least, AT LEAST!, - a youngsters' view fraction. Now, this idea isn't new. It's only been disregarded; why? because freakin boastful annoying big headed high positioned people, think that they are considering each and every single problems, from each and every person's view; again, why? because they have the authority, some think that they are good enough. and again, why? because they've been to all over the place, shaking hands with everyone.

back to the idea, it's actually as simple as this, fresh youngsters, have amazingly great ideas! (...duhh! of course they are! why am I bringing this up!?) It's simply - BECAUSE - WE - DONT- HAVE - A - SOLID - PLACE - TO -

Lets take the CRYSTALCLEAREST example; the most eminent PPSMI - Take note that PPSMI was proposed back in 2003, based on what? - a bit of survey, a simple statistic, and some comparisons. Where could the lagging students voice out?

( Wait a freakin minute! It's super hard to get the youngsters' view right? and how about there are various immature demands? Wouldn't that cause havoc?)

Naa~ If the hierarchy of the associations are selected from various kind of student, from different places, region, even status level and mature enough should be considered to represent each mentalities. Of course, not only the MOE should've already realized this long ago, but other ministries as well, Tourism, Culture, Youth & Sport etc.

If old fags would be able to come out with laudable ideas to enhance the country, we should expect the unexpected MORE from the younger generation!


Great God,
Hear us..