Computer Literacy 29/7/08


Disadvantages of computer:
~violation of privacy~public safety~Impact on Labor force~health risk~affects environment

~collection of computer and devices connected together(usually wireless)

~control access to resources on a network~clients or workstations,request resources from the server

what computer meant to me..?

For me, having a computer is like having a personal assistant.I've been using a computer since i was in standard 1 back in 1997. back then all i knew about computer is that I can play alot of games with it. but then time flows and i've started to learn more and more about microsoft word,excel as well as power point.i even learned about movie making and the internet.(I'm the only child in my family so i've been learning these stuff by myself as my parent are only good at M.Word). I consider myself as a lifetime learner so hopefully I'll get to learn more about computer to ease me in my assignments, presentation etc.


...seriously to all of my girl groupmembers..I'm very very sorry for being too quiet....
Just need some time to get along with you girls..and please!!I'm not a 'mat control' or whatever.,maybe just shy..thats it!!don't judge me wrong okay!XO..or I'll poke your eyes>:)

p/s : .....why chicken little..?WHY!!!!??

About me...?

~Mohammad Amri AlSabri Bin Mustafa Azlan
~aka Amri/Sabri/Sheb/Orca
~23, Lintang Ilmu 2, Taman Ilmu, Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang
~currently studying in Uitm Shah Alam(Foundation of TESL)
~i like : rain,black & white animals, nature, chocolates.......
~i hate : Smokers, 'Pencapap', braggers, monkeys, frogs, seas......
~i'm a level 99 introverted boy(WARNING!)