Ah Soo

..at 2214 local time...somewhere in Shah Alam

lad : Ah soo, where do u wanna go ni?

Ah soo : ! (flabbergasted)..owh,U80

lad         : err..where are u going?

Ah soo : U80(smile)

lad         : I see..where do u live, it's already late ni

Ah soo  : u mau pegi mana?

lad         : err..I'm waiting for 529 bus, got some business

Ah soo : Owh, takpa...nanti bas datang

lad        :  oo..OwO'

The old hag aboard the 529 bus with the lad..apparently she's already nyanyok; lucky the bus driver didnt mind she mounted the bus without paying a penny or showing any ticket. Pity Ah soo, good luck in your adventure, where ever ure going. hopefully i wont be like you when i reach your age...


Couldnt sleep last nyte...
i heard a voice in my head
saying 'happy *****day, may god bless, murah rezeki, semayang rajin2'
asking me who's the cutest among all, and i said 'Izyani?'
unfortunately i was wrong
i mean what would a lecturer of mine thinking calling me at that 0012 hour?
superthnx. tht was a B.E.A.U,tiful music.sweet
kalah yuna.
Berbunga-bunga mood

Great God,
..thanks a lot