Angkat tangan!

  • Idris Hj. Bakri(mygrandpa) is it?...said you were robbed, and your ear was cut? ok then, we'll catch those burglars..we'll call you once we have anything new ok?WEYY YOP!! Don't change the channel!! Relax ar..half time you tukar arr~!!

  • ...what? Nurin Jazlin? Who's that? Kidnapped ah!?..oh found her body already ah? Ok then~ case solved we guess.if sum1 ask well just say were still investigating can what~?

  • Aminul Rasyid that 15 yearold kid? Idiot oh he wouldn't stop! That's why we shot the tyre to stop the car! ...Say what? The bullet went through his head? owh sorry...thought the tyre was the one driving~my aim sucks anyway

  • WHAT!?..Susilawati, you mean the vip!? We should go all out and solve this case!! Lets aim for top3 in the Interpol!!BANZAI~!!!!march3!*

yang adil, polis

you're so near to be with, yet so far to feel


Dany once asked me a q
I answered like I usually does to the others
He said "Bohong ah.....You're scared ryte?"

...strangely enough, I just couldn't say no

Dah.lepaskan. Here's the updates

  • Kuihraya was purrrfect
  • Duitraya
  • Mercunbanyaktakingat
  • Deng I couldn't make it to help TokWan kacau his dodol
  • I'm having the almost-exact baju raya like Azim's - da green 1.hee jgn mara aa
  • Owh & my haircut was out. rase nak pakai tudung je...elok ade tudung siti,tudung ekin, nah kau tudung Amri! ngeri

thetwingirls yg ilang tu text camni kt mak dia..gedik gak ar.c!r!+ planta aku try copy~

"sEl@m4t h4r! rAyerW, MaAp zahirba+in yErw"