^_^ Guess what!? This is my 1st english book since I came here!

Finally, I bought one!! - Honk! If you're a Malaysian by Lydia Teh.

I'm not a bookworm as AJ,Sharil & some other girls. Their know way lot of vocabs than I do T.T So, I've decided that in order to keep up with them, READING,at least a book is a must for me!(eventhough I don't like reading ESPECIALLY books without pictures!XO) But well, what drove me to buy this book is :-

~its not a Tafsir-like book(main reason!)

~it consist of many short stories as well of the writer's opinion on Malaysians' lifestyles, habits, cultures and much more.^^ Like it! -Its because I'll easily get bored if I read hundred of pages of a story, and eventually ending up 'zzzzz'...^^"
Anyway..wish me luck to improve my vocabsXD

My Ol' Friends and me..

Some of my new friends remind me of...

Izzudin-Ustaz Munawir (he looks a lot my ustaz in my previous school)

Aidin-Robie Van Persie (his hairstyle looks like the Arsenal's Striker)

Arifuddin-Wan (his attitude resemble my cousin Zakwan, but he's better)

Hurul Ain-Pikah (she looks like my cousin Syafiqah)

Izzati-Nana (she reminds me of my best friend Nana)

Ira-MakSu Mizah (she talks like my MakSu..bzzz!

!) AJ-....(i think i've seen him in tv before..?)

Ina - Syamira (my neighbour)

Maheerah aka ummi aka fashion Queen-Cikgu Rafizah(She has a nice smile like my former history teacher)

Jannah aka Putet- Aziz Satar(XD),Haikal(my ol' friend), Kak E-Cafe kolej Meranti(look alike), Shin Chan's mother..XD

Afaf-Avril Lavigne,Lola Bunny (cool,her eyes..?)

Tuan Anis - Shin Eun-Kyung (a korean actress..XD)

Athirah - .....(once again i think ive seen her in a commercial before..?)

....sry...i dont know how to describe the others..give me suggestions

English books & me?

As a TESL student, by hook or by crook, i've to live in English. Well, I like english songs, english movies, english friends etc. BUT, I dont like to read english books. I USED to read an E novel entitled ' My Best Friend's Girlfriend'...but i stucked in the middle and got bored..zzzzz

I envy those who read a lot..but i think i'll start with much thinner books than those Tafsir-like novels. For the time being, i'll just flip the 2kg dictionary to find the dang vocabs..geezz..

Frankly i'm not quite good in making sentences..so that's why im trying to impress the readers by using different vocabs(I'm aiming to memorize at least 10 new vocabs a dayXD wish me luck!)