nce 2 c ya 2009! ^o^

i'tll be 2009 tomorrow so i guess i have to bid farewell then..n im makin it fast

To those who ive had met this year..hopefully we'll be stickin still in da sane yet boisterous groupD^_^'

Tuan Anis did her views on each n every person of our group, i dont think ill be able to do the same coz the clock's tickin..

anyway, thanks a lot and give a big smile to these people as they are the best classmates that you've ever hope:~ Aiden America~Arifuddin~Izudin~Haziq~Hasrul~AJay~Ain~Anis~Maheerah~Joy~Izati~Izyan~Athirah~Ira~Winnie~Efi~Afaf~Ina~n Butet^^"

Me and Izudin are just starting to get along well with u girls, n we're glad that if u can get our drift..n sorry for da mistakes ive made ever since the 1st day we met n wish u all a happy 2009!

2008 is a weird year..Ive met alot of frenz, some in person n some eeven via internet^^

P/s: to those who know what others dont, zip it!


scared of da gossips...
wndering bout da ncknmes...
lalala...dh update!^^