Huh? karat.sawang.habuk.lendir.air..When was the last time i blog ni?

So here's bit of updates. again, tiada kena mengena dengan kamo.ye,kamo.

1. 1st of all 6-9jan, went to a camp at Cameron, what a way to celebrate the new sem.gilasejuk.mandi 2 times in those 4days. and paling xley bla was the habit of exhaling
vapor~~ifuknowhatimean heh bajet cam korea je..cameron je kot~

2. Diaz comes to shalam.its a car actly, no biggie,
supertakot at first drive around shalam, but so far i think i
can handle it.(perasan kau!)

3. Take swimming as my koko. perlu la kan~ a noob in swimming gamble masuk pool. well if Go Jun Pyo manage to learn on how to do it, so do I kan?kan3? pliz la ckp ye

4. Getting to Know You 2 is arnd the corner, crius shiat. So I designed a new ethos logo and a tshirt.zat-it

5. I got myself a korean girlfren.sumpah tipu

3 Response to "11"

  1. Didi Dido says:
    9:53 AM

    haaaa !!!! hepy la dpt amek pix cute camtooh ? haha

    btw, this is my new blog okie JOE !!

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    1:25 PM

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  3. Jumanji says:
    8:09 PM

    Hey Amri, Since you're learning to speak english, Maybe you can get this to help yourself out!